" Life is short, but there alway enough time for courtesy."
Please familiarize yourself with the following guidelines to ensure our time is wonderful relaxed and enjoyable!


Cancellations Etiquette:
• Please give me 1 day notice in Charleston for cancellation. Any late or short cancellation that occur in Charleston will result in 175 deposit for my time.

•While Traveling, I required a 2-3 day notice for cancellation. Any late or short cancellation that occur while traveling will result in 200 deposit for my time.

• I have 100% zero Tolerance for any friends whom disrespect my time. So please be mindful while scheduling a appointment.

* Any chances I may cancel our appointment which is really rare, I will do so as early as possible and will offer you a priority rescheduling opportunity.


Donations Etiquette:
Immediately after our initial greeting please have your donation placed in a envelope or perhaps in a birthday card along with your Photo ID on bathroom counter or somewhere easily visible for me to view it.

• There is no need to discuss or refer to the donation during our time together.


What to bring to our appointment:
I always encourage you to bring a smile and of course aim to having a awesome time!

• If you care to bring a gifts or perhaps show more appreciation by providing me a tip will be greatly appreciated but only optional.


Phone/Text/Email Etiquette:
• Any explicits, rude, or stupid comment via phone, text, or email will be immediately hung up on or ignored and possibly blocked.

• Please be respectful at all time or you will be immediately hung up on or simply ignored. I have no tolerance for immature friends whom simply like to waste my time.

• I will only respond to well mannered friends, any friends that speak " Hey Babe, Hey Baby, Hey Sweetie, What's up, are you available?, are you available now, or any form of unprofessional will be simply ignored.


Our Time Etiquette:
I ensure a full, unrushed appointment every time we meet.

• Being on time is very important to me. Should circumstances arrive that you or me that would causes to be late to our appointment. Please give me a head up as it is greatly appreciated and I will always give you heads up as well.


Hygiene Etiquette:
• Hygiene is very important.. Please be freshly showered with a clean, fresh mouth as well. If you running on short notice, I will always add a little time to our appointment to invite you to freshen up and make yourself comfortable. Fresh towels, washcloths, and toiletries will be available to you.


Hosting Etiquette:
• Incall( My Place) will always be arranged in a safe location for us to meet. My Incall will be hosting in a mid upscale hotel always nice and clean for our time. Upon arrival at my place please be discreet. 

• Outcall (Your Place) will be available but under certain requirements. Safety is always priority... Please make sure your place is located in safe nice residential neighborhood or hosted in nice mid upscale hotel for our time. For any reason if I feel unsafe I will slightly declined your offer and invite you come to my place as a another option. Upon my arrival, I will be dressed tastefully in either casual day wear or perhaps simply appropriate evening sexy attire, unless otherwise requested. I may request a moment of privacy at the beginning of our session in order to freshen up. After that, I'm all yours!


Your truly,
Stephanie see you soon .......



Compensation for my time: 

~ A deposit is required for certain sessions and/or certain friends. If deposit is asked, please provide me remaining balance in person via cash or Paypal. 

~ Your donations should always be placed in a envelope or perhaps a birthday card along with your Driver License.

~ My rates are non negotiable


~ I love Repeated Friends Grandfathered rates are available to certain friend. 



Charleston Rates only 
1 hour       300 
90 mins    500
2 hours    650


Additional 50 for Traveling Rates per hour 


Additional 150 for VIP experience 


Any longer arrangement than 3 hours please email me for inquire.  





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